JupiterX Forms FAQ

Having trouble with your JupiterX Forms? Here's a quick guide with answers to frequently asked questions that might just solve your problems.

Can I save JupiterX Form submissions in a database with JupiterX?

Unfortunately, JupiterX does not currently offer a way to save JupiterX Form submissions directly into a database. This feature is exclusive to Elementor Pro.

Why aren't my emails delivered to the inbox?

If you find that your emails are not being sent, even though you have set everything up correctly, please be aware of an important detail. The email address you use in the "From Email" and "Reply To" fields should belong to the domain you are currently using. If this is not the case, and you wish to use a different email address, you will need to set up an SMTP mail server through a third-party service, such as Gmail or Postmark. This step ensures that your emails are sent reliably and reach their intended recipients.

Where do uploaded files go?

When you upload files using JupiterX forms, they are saved in the directory uploads/jupiterx/forms/ . The filenames are hashed for security reasons and are not accessible directly to prevent unauthorized access. You need to know the exact filename to access a file.

Why do filenames change after upload?

For heightened security, JupiterX automatically generates random file names that replace the original names upon upload.

Max. Files limit isn't working, why?

The Max. Files setting is subject to your web host’s server limits. If your PHP max_file_uploads  setting on the server is lower than the number you've set, you won't be able to upload more files. Contact your web host to increase this value if necessary.

How can I style the date and time fields in my form?

Customizing the aesthetics of date and time fields requires Custom CSS. Remember, on mobile, browsers use their native HTML5 design. You can activate Native HTML5 across all devices by toggling the corresponding switch when editing your date or time fields.

What if the placeholder for date/time doesn't show on mobile browsers?

Not all mobile browsers support placeholders for date/time inputs. To address this, you may add custom code to the "Advanced Tab > Custom CSS" section of your form widget:

input[type='time']:after {
    color: #aaa;
    content: attr(placeholder);
input[type='date']:after {
    color: #aaa;
    content: attr(placeholder);

Keep in mind using this code will display placeholders even after selection.

How do I add dynamic metadata to form fields?

To insert dynamic metadata into a form field:

  1. Go to the form field’s Advanced tab.
  2. Click the dynamic icon next to the Default Value box.
  3. Choose the required metadata option from the dropdown list.

Why isn't the Redirect after form submission working?

If you're trying to redirect users to a Thank You page but it's not working, check the following:

  • Ensure there are no accidental spaces in the URL field.
  • Confirm you've entered the full URL, not a relative path.
  • Check the page for Javascript errors.
  • Try deactivating other plugins or changing to a default theme like GeneratePress to isolate the issue.

Which custom messages can I alter in forms?

Customizable messages in forms fall into three categories:

  • Browser messages: These are generated by the user’s browser and can't be changed.
  • Server messages: Modify these messages in the form settings by enabling Custom Messages and tailoring them to your needs.
  • Third-party server messages: Messages from services like MailChimp can't be customized and are often only visible to the admin.

How do I track form submissions with Google Analytics?

To track form submissions:

  • Use a Thank You page with a tracking code and redirect form submissions to it.
  • Employ the submit_success  Javascript event for custom tracking. Add custom code to your theme's functions.php file as needed.

Here’s a code snippet to start with:

   jQuery(document).on('submit_success', function(){
      // Add your custom tracking code here...

Error message "The form is invalid" explanation.

This message typically indicates a problem with how the form was implemented on the page. One known issue arises when a form is embedded within another widget using a shortcode. Use the JupiterX Form widget directly to avoid this problem.

What if users see a red X after form submission?

When integrating with MailChimp, the JupiterX form widget only functions as a sign-up form. Users who have previously unsubscribed can't re-subscribe this way due to the MailChimp API restrictions. It's best to direct these individuals to the official MailChimp hosted signup forms for re-subscription.

We hope this FAQ helps you troubleshoot some of the common issues with JupiterX forms. If you need more detailed assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team!

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